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and convenient
mobile payment
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Benefits to meet your needs


Save yourself from waiting in line at a mobile money kiosk or your local bank. Easily connect your phone number or email to your debit card or bank account.


Bridge the distance between you and the people you love. Send and receive money in seconds, locally and abroad from anywhere, anytime.


We are 110% dedicated to keeping your money and transactions safe and secure. We believe that security is a core requirement of trust.


We are building a system that can serve various market verticals from ecommerce platforms, to schools through to restaurants and pubs

Cross Platform

Whether on a dumb phone, smart phone, tablet or desktop, you will have access to your money through Sika. No limits.

Multi Currency

Need to pay or send money in Cedis, Dollars, Pounds or Euro? Sika gives you that convenience with just a swipe on screen


Our research is constantly on the go to keep tabs on new and changing technology so with us, our process is never stale.


We know you are a busy entrepreneur, student, pensioner etc. we have built Sika with you in mind. The things you love to do